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XAVIER - ca. 3 jähriger Tricolor Rüde

Über sein Wesen:

XAVIER kam gesund und wohlauf am 18. September 2021 im Setterland an.

XAVIER is very affectionate. Visitors are greeted with a friendly bark. He comes to get a hug from everyone and enjoys the attention. He is calm with children, even with little ones. It just doesn't go so smoothly with our three cats. Currently, they each inhabit their part of the house. The cats are now sleeping upstairs. When Morris escapes upstairs (he can climb the stairs super fast, he is really talented ), the room is too small. 

Up till now, he leaves the chickens alone. But we have to be mindful of throwing the kitchen waste far enough into the chicken coop so that XAVIER Morris can't reach it. He would eat it all… Morris eats well, and we are happy about that because he is much too skinny. We give him dry food and some chicken. He also likes to follow everything we are doing in the kitchen 

He also gets along well with other dogs, although he is a bit submissive. We regularly go for walks with, for example, our oldest daughter, who also has two dogs, or our best friends, who also have two dogs. This went very well. Tastes like more!

XAVIER loves to sleep. We bought him a special dog bed, but he prefers to lie on the sofa. Nice and soft and warm between the pillows, or with us.  When we go for a walk it happens now and then that Morris lies down, as if he is tired and does not want to go any further. But when we call him, he still walks on. It is not really clear yet what he means by this behavior. Maybe it's something he once learned. 

XAVIER is very curious. If he has heard or seen something that interests him, he is very focused. But he is not quick enough to catch a dove or a butterfly. And he doesn't quite know what to do with a ball or a rope. He doesn't seem to know this.

XAVIER has conquered our hearts, as you predicted! Thank you so much for bringing this little treasure into our lives!

Widerristhöhe: 59cm

Gewicht: 18kg


18.09.2021 XAVIER hat sein Zuhause in B-Beselare gefunden und wird nun ein aufregendes, sicheres und ausgefülltes Leben mit seiner Familie führen!

Wir freuen uns sehr für unseren Tricolor Rüden und seine neue Familie!

Das Setter Rescue Germany Team!

XAVIER verstarb am 24. Oktober 2022

XAVIER wurde mitten aus dem Leben gerissen! Ursache war, dass beide Nieren nicht mehr arbeiten wollten. 

Er wurde eingeschläfert.

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