Vermittelt in Spanien

Hier finden Sie die Hunde, die erfolgreich ihr eigenes Körbchen in der Heimat beziehen durften und ihr Für-Immer-Zuhause gefunden haben.

Gehe zu (go to): _blank ZUZEN - ca.3 jähriger Blue Belton Rüde
I am longingly waiting for my big chance, freedom, adventure and to be loved. JESTER told me to be patiently. So I do ...
Gehe zu (go to): _blank EDNA - ca. 3 jährige Galga
Dreamin' from Setterland ... but still missing my family! Where are you?
Gehe zu (go to): _blank ANKER - ca. 3 jähriger Breton Rüde
My bloody hunter punished so hard my head that I got a skull fructure, first of all I was not able to walk. Thanks god JESTER found me so I have survived. Looking now for my family in SETTERLAND and I hope to recover very soon.
Gehe zu (go to): _blank MERLIN - ca. 2 jähriger Breton Rüde
Hi, I'm MERLIN and it would be nice to meet my forever family. Why you have hidden you?