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SUGUS - ca. 3 jähriger Tricolor Rüde

SUGUS ist in Spanien eine beliebte Kaubonbonmarke. Bei Setter Rescue jetzt ein beliebter Setter und Gott sei Dank in Sicherheit. SUGUS ist ein 3-jähriger Tricolor-Setter, den – wie viele andere Hundeseelen - das Schicksal überrollt hat.

Über sein Wesen:

SUGUS kam gesund und munter am 13. April 2019 im SETTERLAND an.

He is happy, strong and very energetic. He likes to run and is fast (as long as his 15 meter lead will let him run).

He likes contact with other dogs. He wants to play (sometimes far to enthusiastic) with them and barks at them to come and play.

He loves food, absolutely obsessed with it. We’ve got work with this, to teach him food for humans is not for him. Work in progress.

He loves attention and cuddles. He is friendly to everybody I have met. Male, Female and children.

He loves being outside on the beach, dunes and wals in the woods.

He is good in the car. He likes to look where the journey takes him, and is relaxed.

He is good when walking on a lead. He pulls a bit, but not too bad. This can be improved!

We think he really wants to learn. He seems quite clever.

Widerristhöhe: 62cm

Gewicht: 18.2kg


23.04.2019 SUGUS hat sein Zuhause in NL-Ijmuiden gefunden und wird nun ein aufregendes, sicheres und ausgefülltes Leben mit seiner Familie führen!

Wir freuen uns sehr für unseren Tricolor Rüden, seine neue Freundin FAYE und seine neue Familie!

Das Setter Rescue Germany Team!

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