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DIRK - ca. 3 jähriger Blue Belton Rüde

21.12.2018 His first Xmas in peace, with enough food, a warm sleeping berth and humans who are with him not against! First time in his life ... he is 3 years young and deserves a better and rescpectful entity.

He was abandoned in a village and ended up in a Perrera.

Many thanks to our spanish teams ... they have rescued the poor boy today .... and restored him his liberty!

There is no time for resting!

Über sein Wesen:

DIRK kam wohlauf am 13. April 2019 im SETTERLAND.

Widerristhöhe: XXcm

Gewicht: XXkg


13.04.2019 DIRK hat sein Zuhause in Hemmingen gefunden und wird nun ein aufregendes, sicheres und ausgefülltes Leben mit seiner Familie führen!

Wir freuen uns sehr für unseren Blue Belton Rüden und seine neue Familie!

Das Setter Rescue Germany Team!

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