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DIL - our warrior - ca. 10 jähriger Orange Belton Rüde

DIL musste sich am 23. August 2018 noch einer schweren Operation unterziehen - seine Milz mußte entfernt werden, da sie sehr stark vergrößert war. Die letzten Tage waren sehr schwer für unseren "WARRIOR", doch er hat es prima überstanden und ist auf dem Weg der Besserung.

Unser Sorgenkind

Da haben hier und auch dort viele Menschen gebangt und gehofft .... auf kleiner Mann nun endlich kannst Du den Weg ins Setterland antreten.

Der O-Ton aus Spanien ... bewegende Worte:

Maybe you don't know who's this handsome boy... His name is Dil and he has become our symbol for going on with our fight for them. In June, he was given away by a hunter, Dil was 10 years old and he was not useful for hunting anymore. The German team immediately said yes and Angela and Ralf immediately offered him a home. Everything seemed perfect, but that's where Dil started his fight for life and Angela, Ralf, the German team (Ralf in a direct way) and my brother... and I started suffering for him. He had leishmania, an enormous spleen (more than 7 times its normal size) and a severe anaemia, so his trip to happiness was delayed... After a lot of cares and medicines while fostered with my brother, he seemed to be doing better... but everything changed a week ago, he was getting worse and there were two solutions... letting him die or a risky surgery. No doubt we all decided giving him the chance to fight for his life and he did... after several days of uncertainty, last weekend he started to improve and now he's as happy as you can see in the videos leaving the vet. We must be cautious, but he seems to be doing really welll. Dil is an old dog, for many unknown and useless, but for us he is a symbol of our fight... he's a wonderful oldie who wants to live the sweet side of life and we hope he can be in Setterland by the 15th of September. Thanks for the big support of the German team, thanks Ralf for your unconditional support and care. And thanks Angela and Ralf for your help, support, care, worries and for standing next to Dil and waiting for him until he was in good condition to travel. Your love for him even though you didn't know him in person, your plans to drive to take him though it finally wasn't posible show that there are a lot of crazy people who knows what's important in life and that we are not alone in our fight. Dil, it's your time to be happy and show that bloody hunter that your life is so precious that we never had any doubts to do whatever was necesary for you and now you'll have the oportunity of being forever happy. It's amazing his strength and his happines while leaving the vet today... today is a great day for the family of SRG

Auf dem Weg nach Hause ...

Die ersten Foto's nach der Entlassung vom Doc

Das Futter schmeckt wieder ...


Über sein Wesen:

DIL kam wohlauf am 15.09.2018 im Setterland an und war vom ersten Moment an fröhlich, zutraulich und freute sich sichtlich über den Start in sein neues Leben mit uns.

Widerristhöhe: 52cm

Gewicht: 18kg


15.09.2018 DIL hat sein Zuhause in Lohmar gefunden und wird nun ein aufregendes, sicheres und ausgefülltes Leben mit seiner Familie führen!

Wir freuen uns sehr für unseren Orange Belton Rüden und seine neue Familie!

Das Setter Rescue Germany Team!

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