Alberto Gonzales


When I was a child I wanted to have a dog and I was not allowed to have one until I was 17. Then Tico (an English setter mix) and Red (an Irish setter mix) came into my life. Since then, I've always had at home at least one dog. After the death of my first dog, I decided to adopt a new one and that's the starting point of becoming aware about abandoned dogs.

Then I started fostering for some associations and in 2015, when asking for help for a setter in a perrera, I met Ralf and SRG. Since then, I became more aware of how setters were treated and abandoned and I decided to go forwards rescuing and fostering my own dogs. I also help other dogs in need, but mainly setters are my rescues.

Since then, I've been able to discover this amazing breed, noble dogs full of happiness and energy, always ready to make you smile. I'm really proud of being a member of the team and helping to change the ruined lives of these poor souls.